Bariba Restaurant

Until Next Time

On our last day together in Israel we had the privilege of attending a Farewell Reception at Bariba Restaurant with several Pace alumni. Here we were able to learn a little about the different companies that Pace Alumni have started in Israel as well as have to honor of meeting a 5 star general. This … Continue reading

Carmel Ventures

Market it to Make it

January 12th was our last day of talks and marketing was a large part of the talks. First we started off at Camel Ventures to hear Noam Band speak about his two companies. His first company, Dotomi, was an interesting marketing company that created personalized web banners. Instead of having simple and generic banners at … Continue reading

Ashkelon Desalination Plant

What the Future Holds

Our 6th day of the field study, January 11th, we traveled down to Ashkelon to see the process and operations of a Desalination Plant. Our guide, Oshik, gave us a short presentation on the background of the plant before giving us a physical tour of the grounds. The plant we visited has a system known … Continue reading

Testing Facility at Chiasma

How to get from A to Z

A large theme for our trips on January 10th was less about the actual companies themselves and focused more around the personal experiences in getting those companies up and running. We started off at Chiasma and had the pleasure of listening to several speakers on how they got started, how they operate now, and where … Continue reading

Inside the offices at Itamar

Meds and Machines

The following day, on January 9th, we visited two additional companies: Itamar, a medical device company, and Iscar, a metal working tools company. The theme of innovation was yet again quite strong, and is even included in the slogan to Iscar. At Itamar Medical we were greeted and given a presentation by Giora Yaron, a … Continue reading

Stock Exchange

Past, Present, and Future

On January 8th, we visited the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Better Place. Both meetings were extremely informative on their operations, vision, mission, and goals. I feel however, that the strongest theme between the two was the idea of constantly revolutionizing the standard. The idea of constantly changing to meet the demands of the world … Continue reading

View from Mount Scopus


The day was started off bright and early with a trip to Jerusalem. We began by riding up the side of Mount Scopus, stopping near the top at a University where we were able to peer over the edge and have an amazing overall view of The Old City. Our very informative guide, Miri Levenberg, … Continue reading

View from Plane

Off to Israel

As part of a field study for Pace University, myself along with 9 other classmates are staying and studying in Israel for 10 days. We departed from Newark airport on the 5th and just arrived in Tel Aviv this morning. The flight, although long, went pretty smoothly, and the crisp fall weather of Israel was … Continue reading