Off to Israel

View from Plane

As part of a field study for Pace University, myself along with 9 other classmates are staying and studying in Israel for 10 days. We departed from Newark airport on the 5th and just arrived in Tel Aviv this morning. The flight, although long, went pretty smoothly, and the crisp fall weather of Israel was much more welcoming than the 14 degree frost bite back in New York. Feeling a bit jet-lagged, we did not get a chance to discover too much just yet. We started off with a nice orientation and safety briefing from a previous Pace Alumni, Eric Klein, at our hotel, Dizengoff Suites, and continued the conversation at a cozy Israeli seafood restaraunt on Dizengoff Blvd called Goocha. The service was extremely pleasant, and the pasta I ordered had just the right amount of spice. Although Tel Aviv is notorious for its nightlife, tonight will be an early night in as our bus departs for Jerusalem at 8am tomorrow. I am looking forward for our tour of the Old City!



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